Ban on Blogger Has Been Lifted!

Law authorities in Turkey permit the public access to Blooger! A cable network syndicate in Turkey broadcasted some soccer games via Blospot, for some trademark and copyright issues; access to Blogger had been terminated indefinitely. After a public turmoil and outrage, the authorities lifted the ban on Blogger. This event simply shows that law authorities are desperate, ill informed, illiterate and unprepared for Internet crimes in Turkey. They usually behave like a raging bull or a blind scorpion, which chases smoke and shadows. And usually they cut off one’s nose to spite one’s face. For now, Blogger has been saved, however Youtube is still banned. If we couldn’t find a permanent solution, I suppose we will see similar events in the future. But what can we do? Let’s meditate on this. Thank you for your support dear friends. You are great and wonderfull!


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