Dear friends, collogues, art enthusiasts, free and forever young thinkers and speakers of our dear old world. Unfortunately and sadly I have to inform you that from now on law authorities of my country banned entrance to Blogger sites. As you may know service providers in Turkey have been interrupting and preventing any access attempt to several porn sites including Youtube and Blogspot sites from Republic of Turkey. Porn industry’s effect on juvenile development and public health is another issue, however Youtube and Blogspot are free information sharing platforms for ordinary Internet users. There is no adequate, logical, sensible reason for banning public access. It’s claimed that Blogs have became instruments of ill intentions, therefore preventing further sociological and political damage in Turkey, government authorities forbid the public access technically. However there are still free proxy services’, so this attempt is not a successful one, but still very annoying, distasteful and outrageous. Dear friends from the different sides of the world, I want to inform you that as the citizens of Turkey we can’t enter these Internet sites by using conventional and legal ways. Internet is a free sharing platform. Internet is one of the most important quantum leaps of human civilization such as invention of fire, writing or printing. Human civilization! Civility! Us! We! Soldiers, government officials, politicians, demagogues, men of power and fanatics did not found the human civilization. The civilization was created by simple men, whose have tried to invent simple interaction and communication mediums for the welfare, pleasure and curiosity of the simple men. It’s a well-known fact that The Internet was created for the purpose of warfare not welfare, but it becomes an opportunity for peace, creative thinking and cooperation amongst different cultures of our world. Hear me people! Our world, The Earth we stand on, The Earth we all eventually turned to. Don’t leave fears, corruptions, bigotries, prejudices and restrictions to our World and future generations. For the freedom of speech, for the freedom of thinking, for the freedom of sharing and conversation, for the freedom of creativity, don’t behave! Talk, write, answer, payback as the civil people of our civilization.


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